GBKSOFT in Faces: Volodymyr Gorovyi

A random fact about you.

Despite my work being related to the development of software solutions, I got a degree as an intensive care doctor at the university.

Tell us about your first week at the company. How was it?

Every new start is a great opportunity to develop your skills, learn, and explore new areas and get valuable experience. Hard work is a key to success, no matter what activity you perform. I clearly remember the first week in the company just as if it was yesterday. It was excellent and very productive. We were really inspired by what we were doing, as we knew that our company has great potential and all chances to get to the top list of the software development companies, and we were right. Being one of the best encourages us to continue expanding and improving our company every day.

What are you doing now as a CEO?

Keeping the company on a high level among the competitors is a continuous and complex process that demands much effort and constant focus. My main and crucial task is to set the core goals and build a strategy to reach them in the best way. Also, my responsibilities are operational activity, building and coordinating execution plans, formulating personnel policy, and jurisprudence of company functioning. My duty as a CEO also implies to solve unpredictable conflicts in the company to create a positive climate for every employee.

Does your mom understand what you do?

Let me say that I am trying to reach this goal with time.

What’s your most vivid memory during the time in GBKSOFT?

A company is a separate living organism with its own emotions, favorable days, and temporary difficulties. There is an endless number of bright and remarkable moments that happened during the past 9 years. However, the first vivid impressions were during the first weeks of our work, particularly team-building meetings and becoming a full-value legal entity.

How do you relax and ‘reload’?

Relaxing is an important part when you work day in day out. My perfect weekends can not be called full-fledged without my family and spending time with them. If I need a quick reload during the week I would rather choose to play football with my friends or colleagues.

What is an example of true teamwork for you?

Teamwork is an area that should be elaborated on a constant basis. The real teamwork I`ve recently observed was demonstrated by the Ukrainian team of football players in a match against Spanish players. Just kidding:) Seriously speaking, a great example of teamwork is the judicial proceeding of “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom”. One more example is the first SpaceX cosmic launch. To build an excellent team it is important to take into account workers’ needs and give them personal freedom and mutual support. I tend to adhere to these simple rules in my way of building a powerful team.

What advice would you give to a GBKSOFT newbie?

GBKSOFT is one big and friendly family where we care about every employee as well as it can be. For our newbies, I would recommend to boldly express their opinions and fresh ideas, never stop improving and developing their knowledge and skills, and also to be open-minded. I think all these qualities will lead us all together to a huge success.



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