Hot News of Business and Software Development


The beginning of November was so eventful that the amount of news rolls over. We want to share the most exciting topics with you in the field of software development before you finally dive into planning your weekend.


Top revolutionary technological decisions of Alibaba

It is impossible to imagine the world without online shopping. Its standards and trends change, and Alibaba manages to follow them and create its ones. More about its success read in our article.



Who regulates social media?

How are social networks regulated? There are four organizations in the USA that are trying to control their work. Still, the original purpose of creating these companies was different, and it is difficult for them to fulfill the function of a regulator. What to expect in the future? How to build social media without breaking the rules?



Flutter vs. React Native: A Developer’s Perspective

The most popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks today are React Native and Flutter. Both frameworks are useful, have particular merits, so that we will highlight the main differences between them, and we invite you to join us.




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